2-1-1 helping furloughed federal workers

BOWLING GREEN, Ky,- The partial government shutdown continues, which means many federal workers are still going without pay. For those in need of assistance, one local non-profit is lending a hand.

Some 800-thousand federal employees are affected by the government shutdown. Leaving some without money for housing and food.

At Southern Kentucky 2-1-1 at Bowling Green they’re offering assistance to furloughed federal employees and government contractors.

That help includes connecting those in need to food pantries, health care services and utility payment assistance.

“Most of them are aware of how to obtain their unemployment benefits, but when you don’t have a check coming in that information is beneficial when it comes to keeping the heat on,” said Christine Dressler director at Southern Kentucky 2-1-1.

United Way of Southern Kentucky is a local non-profit that offers resources to those in need of assistance, not just furloughed government employees. For more information just dial 2-1-1.