Yuletide vibes hit Bowling Green as locals shop

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – With Thanksgiving over, some would say the holiday is really getting started.

On a Friday afternoon with holiday cheer in the atmosphere, News 40 embarked on a journey to just have some good old conversation.

If you want to have holiday talk, you need to go to the holiday hot spots as we like to call them. First stop was Lover’s Lane Tree Farm, aptly named for it’s location on Lovers Lane. There we came across Lisa Carter, a tree farmer of 17 years and more recent, a purveyor of Christmas trees as of 6 years ago.

Carter said to us in her interview though she is still somewhat new to dealing with Christmas trees, she and her business partner, and both their families get involved with the tree farm every year as tradition. At the farm, we also stumbled across Logan and Annie, two young girls who were eager to share what they loved about Christmas.

Annie said the most enjoyable part of the season is spending time with family while Logan went with decorations. After the girls we ran into some of the BG Braves. Specifically 5 boys, who all settled on pairs of Yeezys being top of their list for Santa.

News 40 then hopped over to Morgan’s Fresh Cut Tree Lot in search of more people to ask about the holiday season. We ran into Sophie Phillips, a Bowling Green native, now on the coast for college who was coming back to visit for Thanksgiving. Phillips said in her interview it’s been a family tradition for the last 6 years to go pick out a tree the day after Thanksgiving.