Your swimsuit color matters!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – We know you might want to look cute, but it could be a hazard depending on where you are.

As summer barges in, swimsuit color is a thing you might want to pay more attention to. Certain colors can be harder to see even just a foot under the surface. Jeanna Phelps, a Child Care Health Specialist with Barren River District Health Department suggests more vibrant colors when in the pool or open water.

News 40 consulted a lifeguard as well concerning water safety. Baylee Burton, a manager at Southland Family Club said it’s best to try to teach a child to swim between ages 4 and 7 to get them comfortable with the water sooner rather than later.

Burton also said as a lifeguard, it can be a stressful thing to watch over so many people or areas of the water. Something that many kids don’t think about are “breath holding challenges” according to Burton. She said “I know when I was a kid I loved doing it but it can make you look like a passive victim”.

Phelps said her biggest piece of advice she could dole out was to make sure children or anyone who can’t swim well are paid attention to. “It doesn’t matter what kind of water you’re around; a pool, beach, on a riverbank fishing… anything can happen…”