Yo-Yo Ma concert to take place at Mammoth Cave National Park

MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. – On Saturday, guests of Mammoth Cave National Park will have the opportunity to see an extraordinary concert.

The Louisville Orchestra and director Teddy Abrams will be performing alongside legendary celloist Yo-Yo Ma inside the cave itself.

The performance will include typical orchestral instruments along with aquariums and the elements of the cave.

Tickets were made available in January through a lottery system with 500 being made available. Public Information Officer Molly Schroer says they received applicants from as far off as Europe to attend.

“It really is the result of so many people believing that we could do something like this because it’s crazy if you were to just suggest the idea of taking not only an orchestra but a chorus and of course Yo-Yo Ma into the earth itself, especially at such an incredible and important place,” Abrams says.

Abrams wrote all the pieces that will be performed in the concert, and he’s excited to use the space of the cave to put on an amazing performance.