World’s Greatest Studio Tour in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. –  This weekend, Bowling Green hosted a long time event, the World’s Greatest Studio Tour, detailing the studios of local artists for the public’s enjoyment.

Eleven local artists opened up their studios around downtown to let residents take a gander at their work. News 40 perused the tour, and we came across an artist named Alice Waddell on Main Street.

Waddell said in her interview with the station that “The goal is to send a message that people can relate to.”

Waddell added that over the course of the years she has participated in the tour, the thrill comes from the people she meets. She said it’s not only a good event because it gives artists the opportunity to sell some of their work, but it also puts them in the position to meet people who honestly appreciate what she and many others do

Waddell, like other artists on the tour, do dabble in commission work, so if you’re in the market for some local art, here is a list of other studios that were on the tour this weekend:

Alice Gatewood-Waddell — 513 E. Main St.

Pushin Building Artists’ Studios — 400 E. Main St.

Shane Spickard – 144 West 10th St. Building #1 

Kentucky Museum – 1444 Kentucky St.

Rickman Pottery — 1121 E. 14th Ave.

Studio on Normal — 1830 Normal St.

Lynn and Claude Robertson — 1108 St. Andrews Circle

Briar Rose Garden – 7791 Cemetery Road

Studio G — 128 H.E. Johnson Road 

Willoughby Studio – 895 Morehead Road 

Artists Eye Studio – 4681 Russellville Road