World Cup win inspiring next generation of female soccer players

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – On Sunday, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team made history, capturing their fourth World Cup title, the most of any nation in the world.

This special team has done more than just win on the field though.

They’ve inspired millions of people, including the next wave of future women’s national team players.

“It’s just so moving just watching and seeing all this happen,” said Ambere Barnett, a player on the Western Kentucky University soccer team. “It’s just so exciting to see what’s going to come next.”

What’s likely to come next is a lasting impact that stretches beyond the lines on the soccer field.

“This team alone, even the last World Cup, and then bringing back-to-back championships has really brought the game of soccer – the women’s game of soccer – to a whole new level in this country,” said WKU soccer player Kaylyn Bryant.

Never has the excitement level for women’s soccer been so high, especially among young girls.

Many of them, including the ones attending the Hilltopper Academy soccer camp this week at WKU, have dreams of growing up to be just like the players the hoisted the World Cup trophy in France two days ago.

“I love Tobin Heath,” Barnett said. “Watching her is just so inspiring and just trying to be like her is awesome.”

“I hope more girls get involved and can see that we have just as much of the talent and the attention that we can take,” added Bryant. “The success – there’s more to be had.”

The United States women etched their names in history books with their latest tournament success, but they did so while also making headlines off of it, using their platform to raise awareness for equal rights for women and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“It’s definitely a women empowerment movement,” said Bryant. “They’re achieving such high ranking in sport, but also in status. They give us all a voice, so it’s great.”