‘Workout Before You Pig Out’ bootcamp held in BG

Thursday morning nearly 100 people gathered to Workout Before You Pig Out at Bowling Green Backyard Bootcamp but it was about much more than burning calories. It was about giving back to those in need this holiday.

Everyone donated at least one non-perishable canned good in exchange for a free bootcamp session.

Organizers say some even donated entire bags.

Friday morning, some will return for the trek to Hope House in Bowling Green where all the goods will be donated.

Owner Allison Millet says this bootcamp session is a reminder of the importance of the holiday where everyone comes together and gives back.

“You know we celebrate and are thankful on Thursday and then we’re out going crazy over bargains on Friday. Let’s maybe change our way of thinking and help a great cause, pack the pantry, and boot campers always to do. They’re just awesome. They keep stepping up,” Millet said.

This is the seventh annual Workout Before You Pig Out and Allison said, the biggest turn out yet.