Words from the man himself: What would Duncan Hines think?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As a traveling salesman, Duncan Hines was happy to share his recommendations on food and lodging with people – but he didn’t know how big of a deal it was until his friends kept asking for advice.

Jeff Moore, a Hines impersonator, said Hines and his wife put together a list of 167 places to eat back in 1935 to send out with their Christmas card since associates, family and friends kept asking for Hines’ input.

That’s when it took off for the Hines family.

However, south central Kentucky changed some since the early 1900s, so what would Hines say about how things are now?

Moore spoke for Hines, saying, “I see all kinds of great places to eat, some of them are chains, but a lot of them are home grown. And you do find some really cool culinary gems and leaves a little hole in the wall restaurants. Because it’s not all about fancy lighting and or pretty upolstry or really beautiful waitresses.”

Moore said Hines would want something genuine and real.

“One of my pet peeves is people in the restaurant business, even the hotel business, they had come up with these fancy names. I always said, ‘You can call it a terrestrial cake, but it’s still a mud pie,'” Moore said.

Hines said when it comes to staying somewhere, he would prefer somewhere where you feel at home and can tell the staff really care about your comfort. And with all of the places to eat in our area, ice cream was Duncan Hines’ favorite dessert – so in the Duncan Hines spirit, grab yourself a scoop somewhere local where you feel right at home.