Woman charged with murder after police say she stabbed a man

A woman is behind bars in Morgantown on murder charges after police say she stabbed a man to death on Thursday.

Shortly after the incident occurred, Kentucky State Police were called to the scene on Gilstrap Road in Butler County.

There police found Trenton Howard, of Morgantown, outside of the residence with a stab wound.

Howard was pronounced dead at the scene by the Butler County Coroner.

Tiffany Swift, of Cromwell, was arrested and charged with one count of murder.

When police arrived on the scene they found Swift and Swift’s sister at the scene. Police later discovered a fourth person had been at the scene prior to police arrival but had left.

Police have spoken with all three individuals, according to Trooper Daniel Priddy.

“Troopers and detectives arrived on the scene, and they were able to process the scene, collect evidence and also do interviews with all the individuals that were involved in this incident. So everyone is accounted for and has been interviewed and like I said the investigation continues. It is ongoing so there is still more that the detectives will be going through and continuing on,” said Priddy.

What comes next is uncertain and will depend on Swift’s plea decision.

“From here, Tiffany Swift, once the case is completed, it will be presented to a grand jury. The grand jury then will decide whether to indict or not. At that point, if the grand jury does indict, then it will go before a jury. If it goes to court. I mean obviously there’s so many different things, she could plead, they could take the plea deal before it even goes to court,” said Priddy.

For now Swift is being held in the Butler County Jail.

An autopsy was done Friday in Madisonville on Howard’s body, so, officials say an autopsy report should be completed soon.