Woman robbed at gunpoint in high school parking lot

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Warren County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a Saturday night armed robbery in the parking lot at Warren East High School.

Kara Michele Ghee was at the school waiting for her son who was attending a soccer game when she said two men robbed her at gunpoint, according to a release from the sheriff’s office.

Ghee was waiting in her car with her window rolled down when she saw a man walk past her car. She was approached by a second man who asked to use her phone. Upon refusing to give that man her phone, she said he opened the door and attempted to remove her from the car, according to the release.

At that time, the first man who had initially walked past the car, returned to assist the other man in trying to take Ghee’s purse.

Ghee told deputies that when she tried to fight back, kicking one of the men hard, one of the men pulled a gun out and pointed at her head.

At that time the two men took Ghee’s purse and drove off in a silver or gray older model sedan, according to the release. She followed the men in her car until they ran a red light and turned onto Glasgow Road.

Ghee then stopped following the men and waited at the Five Star service station on Louisville Road for deputies to arrive.

Ghee described the two men as black males. One was heavy-set with short hair, wearing a maroon colored button up T-shirt. The other man she described as having short dreadlocks, thin and wearing a gray zip up hoodie.

Deputies located Ghee’s phone in the high school parking lot. They found her purse in a ditch off Glasgow Road on the ramp crossover to Interstate 65. The purse was missing $40.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.