Woman Forced To Remain Naked During Botched Police Raid

Three Nashville Metro Police officers have been removed from duty after refusing to allow a woman to cover herself after entering her apartment as she slept undressed, then holding her and two children at gunpoint. WSMV's Rebecca Cardenas reports.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV/NBC News) — Two supervisors and a police officer have been removed from duty after a botched raid targeted the the wrong apartment in Nashville, Tennessee.

Azaria Hines, the woman who was at home when Nashville Metro Police mistakenly raided the wrong apartment, says she hasn’t had much sleep since the incident.

Hines says she had just finished a late shift at her job and was on the couch asleep and unclothed when she heard a loud banging on her door.

Before she knew it, Hines said police came bursting through the door with a battering ram, smashing the door frame and pointing guns at her.

Hines said she reached to put on a shirt and was ordered by police to stop.

“I’m furious because they came up in here and woke up my kids with rifles,” Hines said.

After several tense minutes, police came to Hines with an admission.

“They had the wrong apartment,” Hines said.

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