WNKY partners with Ryan’s Making a Difference for Third SoKY Gives

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Thanksgiving weekend isn’t always filled with laughter, cheer and full bellies for everyone. 

But WNKY and Ryan’s Making a Difference Outreach changed that for those in the community who are homeless or have food insecurity. 

“Our community means so much to WNKY. Local truly matters. And to be able to come out here on Thanksgiving weekend and to be able to see these smiling faces despite the needs that they have really embodies everything that we stand for. This is truly serving our community,” said WNKY General Manager Julie Milam after handing out meals to hungry people.

Saturday, the two organizations teamed up to bring fresh, hot Wendy’s meals to people in need.

“They’re often surrounded by cold- literal and metaphorical. So I think that any warmth that they can get just makes them feel good too and it makes us feel good as well,” said Ryan’s Making a Difference founder Ryan Depp.  

They wanted to make the holidays positive. 

“To be a part of Ryan’s Making a Difference today has been incredible because the soul of this family behind that organization does this every single week, and we definitely want to come out and lift them up. But it’s definitely rewarding to see that people are gracious and they appreciate the fact that we care,” said Milam. 

High schooler Ryan Depp founded Ryan’s Making a Difference Outreach to aid the homeless in the community. 

“I think that there’s some people in the community who are almost forgotten somewhat. There’s just kind of ignored so I thought that I could maybe take the first steps to making them recognize and reaching out and helping them,” said Depp.