WKU Reaches Settlement with Former Swim Team Member on an Alleged Hazing Scandal

Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) – There has been an out of court settlement between a former student member of the swim team at Western Kentucky University, who sued the school as the result of a hazing incident in 2015. Collin Craig’s attorney told WNKY News that while terms of the settlement have been sealed and will not be released, her client is happy with the outcome. According to police reports, Craig was the victim of the hazing incident and even though no criminal charges were ever brought, the WKU swim and dive team was suspended for five years. WKU’s attorney, Tom Kerrick, said, "This is an economic resolution of a doubted and disputed claim. Western Kentucky University and its employees continue to assert their position that they did not act inappropriately against Mr. Craig or violate his rights."