WKU Professor: Kentucky Democratic Gubernatorial outcome to depend on last-minute ground game

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- In one week, Democratic and Republican voters will have a say on who they’d like to see face-off in the November Gubernatorial race.

On the Democratic side, State Attorney General Andy Beshear, State Rep. Rocky Adkins and former State Auditor Adam Edelen are vying for the nomination.

According to Western Kentucky University political science professor, Scott Lasley, the race could be determined once the results are in from counties in Kentucky’s eastern time zone.

While Lasley would not make a prediction in this race, he says it will come down to the last minute ground game.

“Over the last decade or so, Gubernatorial elections in Kentucky have not really generated a lot of excitement,” Lasley said. “If they can mobilize their ground games, they can get a real surge.
I’d suspect Adkins and Edelen might have slightly stronger ground games than Beshear.

As for the race involving Gov. Matt Bevin and State Rep. Robert Goforth, Lasley says it would be a major upset for anyone other than Bevin to win.