WKU Professor helps design float for Rose Bowl Parade

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-If you were watching the Rose Bowl parade on TV and admired the beautiful floats, we have news for you- a WKU professor helped to design one of them! 

Clinical Assistant Professor of Horticulture Roger Dennis has designed a float for the parade since 2006. He works with the Cal Poly students to create and engineer a float that is 55 feet long, 25 feet tall and 18 feet wide! 

The work starts back in March and takes about 9 months to come to fruition. 

This year’s float had logs, mushrooms, and other things you would find in a rainforest- all made of organic material. 

“It was so cool because we had so many different elements. There were magnolia leaves, pinecones, there were all these different nuts and things that were used on the tree to make it more real. We also used fruit. There were grapefruit, lemon, and orange slices,” said Professor Dennis. 

In the past Professor Dennis has taken WKU students out there too but has not been able to the past few years because of Covid.