WKU professor and author makes New York Times Best Sellers list

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – To our avid readers out there, you might want to check out a new novel by one of our local authors.

WKU professor and author David bell’s new book titled ‘She’s Gone’ just made the New York Time’s Best Sellers list. It’s a goal Bell has been hoping to reach since 2008.

Bell said, “it’s a dream come true. The New York Times Best Seller list is the gold standard or certainly one of the gold standards in the publishing industry, and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to achieve.”

Bell jested that for a moment, he thought it might be a mistake, fearing a phone call saying the honor was for someone else, but that would not have stopped his moment in the sun.

The ecstatic author said, “I would not have relinquished the title if that had happened, I would have said forever. You heard someone say it.”

Bell’s new book is on sale in Barnes & Noble, Amazon and various other retailers.