WK Liquors reopens

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Popular liquor store WK Liquors just reopened January  19, 2023 after being destroyed in the December tornadoes of 2021.

The opening was graced by many younger customers, some being students at Western who supported the owner with cleaning and rebuilding. They made a plaque for Minaj Patel and held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the reopening of his much missed establishment.

The reopening was at 4:45 p.m. but the store stayed full well till News 40 left the scene, with the line to the register nearing the back wall of the store. It was a great day for Patel and his family who also attended the ribbon cutting, and the young adults that came in support were ecstatic as well.

WK Liquors is back operational at the same spot with a new look but still has the same vibe. If you stop by tell them you heard it from us.