Wisconsin Businesses Targeted With Fake “COVID Quarantine” Notices

Local health officials say the fake notices posted on businesses are a "scare tactic" being used by a group opposed to new communicable disease ordinances under consideration. WEAU's Phoebe Murray reports.

EAU CLAIRE, Wisc. (WEAU/NBC News) — Several Wisconsin businesses have been targeted by fake COVID-19 quarantine notices.

The notices were posted on businesses in and around Eau Claire.

The Eau Claire City-County Health Department quickly dispelled the validity of the orders, saying it’s not responsible for the fake signage.

They believe this “spamming” is part of a misinformation campaign related to the communicable disease ordinances being considered by the City Council and County Board this month.

Rita Parr, owner of Parr’s Hardware, found one of the warnings on her door Monday morning.

“I was going to call the health department and then I see there’s no county listed, there’s no phone number listed, so then I pulled it off the door and read the back side and saw that it was just a fright tactic by a group of people that are afraid of the health department overreaching their authority,” Parr says.

Security footage from the hardware store reveals a woman taping the fake notice to the door Sunday night.

“She has a right to her opinion, they all have a right to their opinion but not at the expense of a small business. What if we didn’t open until 10a.m. and eight people saw that notice before we open, and told all of their friends that we were quarantined and we had COVID here?” Parr says.

Mike Decker, owner of MAD Computer Services says small businesses are struggling enough as it is during the pandemic, then to have this political stunt happen, is frustrating.

“Putting that on my door, that scares people, people have a hard enough time trusting people, and for us to scare away our customers, that’s not okay,” Decker says.

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