Winter weather preparations

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-  A nasty winter storm is moving toward Kentucky and will likely affect the roads this weekend. Winter Storm Gia has already spread snow and ice across other parts of county and is expected to impact the Commonwealth as well. Wes Watt, the public information Officer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, is keeping a close eye on the weather with his team.

“Our snow and ice team and our district office has been keeping an eye on the forecast throughout the week. We’re not really sure how this storm is going to impact our district. It looks like it’s going to be right on the borderline with the freezing temperatures,” said Watt.

Transportation officials are preparing for the worst, tending to the roadways early Friday morning.

“Snow and ice operations are one of the most important things we do. All the men and women who work together to get our roads safe understand that we take great pride in that. They are out working overnight, in the dark, in very harsh conditions a lot of times to do that. They keep pushing through and when it’s unsafe for most people to be out on the roadway, they are out there, and they forge and push through,” said Watt.

If you’re planning on driving during this weekend’s storm, don’t forget these road rangers, who are always trying their best to keep our streets safe.