What options do I have other than abortion? Local resources and services

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The overturning of Roe v. Wade caused Kentucky’s trigger law to go into effect…which now makes abortions illegal in Kentucky. 

“What it really means in Kentucky is it basically just fortifies what the state has already determined. It’s not a constitutional right,” said Pregnancy Support Center’s Executive Director Don Fricks. 

So what are Kentucky women’s options now if they decide to not seek an abortion in another state?

The Pregnancy Support Center in Bowling Green offers services and resources like counseling, parenting classes, doctor referrals, baby clothes and more. 

“I guess we offer what you would say is intervention, help for girls and ladies and actually couples for unplanned pregnancies, crisis pregnancies,” said Fricks. 

They say they value life and want women to have their children. 

“In counseling with a girl who comes in with, she might be leaning toward an abortion, not sure about it, we tell her we really value life, what will happen when she has a baby, we show scientific developmental pictures in utero which really is helpful.”

Other people are taking steps to be even more careful with the new abortion laws in place. 

Pharmacies are seeing more people take preventative measures. According to CVS Pharmacy, they had a sharp increase in the sale of emergency contraceptives. 

Or if someone does become pregnant and still wants an abortion, they may be turning to abortion pills by mail. 

Local pharmacies declined News 40’s request for comment.