What is causing traffic on i-65 and how long will it last?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you have driven on i-65 right after crossing the Tennessee border in the past two weeks, you may have been subjected to a lot of traffic and the spillover from the traffic has started to back up 31W as well.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation explains the issue is that, due to dangerous road conditions and massive potholes, they have enacted emergency repairs on the roads and are having to work during the daytime hours to work to repave long strips of roadway that ice, snow, traffic and heavy machinery have damaged.

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation community relations officer, Rebekah Hammond, a large stretch of i-65 has been and will continue to be under construction for a massive widening project, but that project’s work is not what is causing the current delay.

She says the construction team working on that project is also responsible for working to fix the roads that have been damaged by severe weather but the roads got so bad so quickly they have actually dispatched a second contractor to provide assistance in the repairs.

One local works in both Nashville and Bowling Green and travels i-65 often and has put in several extra hours in her vehicle over the past two weeks due to the road repairs and lane closures.

“To have to be caught either on 31W or on I-65 and turning what usually is about an hour drive into a three hour trip, you know, it’s cost me some jobs. It’s definitely eaten at my day,” said Andee Rudloff, a local resident.

Hammonds asks for your patience and that you account for the extra drive time as they complete the last two mile stretch of road.

“Just give yourself extra time so that you’re not rushing to get somewhere. If possible, take an alternate route. You know, going northbound and that re-opening, it did alleviate some of the traffic on some of the state routes or side roads. Just bear with us. We’re doing this because we want to keep people safe not because we want to cause you an extra headache,” said Hammond.

Hammonds says, depending on the incoming weather forecasted for the end of the week, they are hoping to have all lanes open and fully repaved in the upcoming week.