Western Kentucky University’s Minton Hall will remain closed

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.— A Western Kentucky University dormitory where mold was discovered last year will remain closed throughout the spring semester while additional work is performed.

Minton Hall closed back in November when common mold was discovered. Mid semester, students were required to relocate to a different dorm.

WKU’s Media Relations Director Bob Skipper said the problem stems from previous renovations to the dorm gone awry.

“In Minton Hall we had a problem in that the hall had been renovated several years ago…and there was not adequate ventilation…and it allowed mold to form,” said Skipper.

The common mold is not as dangerous as black mold, still some of the Minton Hall residents complained of feeling ill because of the mold.

“There are some students who complained of different symptoms sinus infections and things of that nature,”

Mold has occurred in some of the other buildings on campus. It apparently has a lot to do with the humid and wet weather in the region.

The additional tasks include replacement of tiles and possible replacement of windows.

Mold is a common issue across the south, and the university plans to stay ahead of it as much as possible.