“We’re On Our Side Here!” – Recordings Reveal Early Moments Of Golden Ray Shipwreck

Coast Guard hearings on the investigation into how and why the Golden Ray cargo ship capsized last September in Georgia's St. Simon Sound . WTLV's Troy Kless reports.

(WTLV/NBC News) — New details were revealed Monday in the September 2019 capsizing of the Golden Ray cargo ship near Georgia’s St. Simon’s Island.

The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting a series of hearings on their investigation into how and why the ship tipped over. Twenty four people were on board the ship, along with a load of cars.

In Monday’s hearing, audio recordings from on board the ship replayed the moment it capsized. You can hear the captain and his crew frantically trying to correct the ship before it tipped over. One crew member can be heard urging the captain to run the ship aground on a nearby soundbar so it doesn’t sink into the St. Simon Sound.

A few seconds later, communication cuts off.

Blake Welborn of the U.S. Coast Guard said there was no indication that vessel machinery contributed to the incident. Welborn also said the vessel had no indication that any vessel safety or communication equipment contributed to the incident.

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