WEHS Junior ROTC Cadets honor veterans

Today over 100 students at Warren East High School honored veterans with a special ceremony.

 “It’s honor, it’s integrity! Veterans are heroes of our nation, heroes of our country,” said Cadet Nicholas Chapman, a senior at Warren East High School.

Cadets in the Junior ROTC program put together a special event to recognize veterans and their many sacrifices.

Cadets prepared speeches, a ceremony and retired the colors.

Students, school staff and local veterans from various military branches came out to the event.

“We feel really honored that the school really wanted to represent it’s veterans, which is so far and few between now days, you know, with the way the world is. It’s really an honor that they honored us as veterans,” veteran Sandy Lawrence said.

“It’s just an absolute honor to be able to be here at the school and remember our veterans both past and present that have served our country,” veteran Roy Lawrence said.

Veterans were honored for their service to our country and community.

The cadets placed a field of flags in front of the school.

 “It’s not a piece of cloth to veterans. It means something. Every time we see a flag, we think of those that didn’t come back with us. I can relate to what they are talking about and I understand,” said Richard Bruno, an instructor at WEHS and a veteran.

Over 500 flags waved in the wind, some with yellow ribbons attached with a veteran’s name.

Todd Alcott, a veteran and teacher at Warren East High School, wants his students to understand the importance of recognizing veterans.

“It’s about the ultimate sacrifice, you know, serving your country before yourself. My dad was a naval, he flew, I heard his stories, and I grew up listening to my dad. I always had a sense of service. When the opportunity came for me, I knew it was something that I wanted to do,” Alcott said.

The Warren East High School Junior ROTC Cadets will also be in the Veteran’s Day Parade Saturday in downtown Bowling Green. Veteran’s Day officially falls on Sunday.