Wedding venues, brides and grooms, all impacted by the virus

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Weddings throughout the country have been cancelled or postponed in bulk because of social distancing and capacity guidelines at venues.

Saying “I do” has never been more frustrating as the majority of weddings during COVID-19 have been postponed.

Many engaged couples are devastated to change their wedding date and workers at wedding venues, like Ayla Newton at La Gala, are saddened to see their customers deal with the stress.

“You get so close with your clients that they are like family. And when they call you and they are upset and they’re crying and you are just like I want to do everything I can to make you happy and to make sure that we can make this day still happen. You have to compromise. You have to work with them, they have to work with you. Your other venders in the industry have to compromise as well,” said Newton.

Weddings vary in number of guests, but since the shutdowns began, capacity numbers have been 10 to 50 people at a gathering.

Limitations have led to postponements and cancellations costing local venues time and money, according to Sarah Alexander, the director for the Garvin House.

“The money is not coming in like it normally would, but the bills keep going on. You still got your electric bills and your insurance still has to be paid,” said Alexander.

Some weddings are still on the books, but with fewer guests in attendance.

“You know it’s supposed to be a woman’s happiest day of her life and then to have to tell them, ‘I’m sorry we can’t do that,’ is very disappointing,” said Alexander.

“With us being able to work with our clients now that have already booked with us, we don’t have to reschedule or cancel them. We just have to alter and work around what they are wanting so that we can make their day still magical and not COVID. COVID is on everyone’s minds but we are trying to give you at least one day where you don’t have to worry,” said Newton.

Some venues are booked through much of 2021 already due to prior cancellations.