WCSO warns of online housing scam

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is warning there are many housing scams being posted on Facebook and marketplace.

Authorities stated these scams usually mention phrases that include “this person’s family member needs to move out or has passed away, so they are going to rent the home out.” In addition, the rent price is often too good to be true, stated the sheriff’s office.

WCSO stated they will then charge you a “deposit” via CashApp/Venmo/PayPal, etc. and then cut contact.

Authorities warn to research when these “deals” seem too good to be true. A lot of times, the scammer’s Facebook page was recently made and they are not local to Bowling Green.

WCSO said you can call them with any suspicious activity you may see or call to file a report if this has happened to you at 270-842-1633.