WCPS unveils new logo for the first time in decades

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — The Warren County Public School Committee hosted a ribbon cutting and speech Monday at the Board of Education to celebrate their new logo.

For a number of decades, WCPS had kept the same vintage logo. Now, with the help of the Sublime Media Group here in Bowling Green, they were able to create a new logo for WCPS.

The new logo incorporates the district colors — red, white and blue.

“Our vision and mission won’t change, we are always going to prioritize the safety, achievement and opportunities for our students and staff and protection,” said Rob Clayton, superintendent of Warren County Public Schools. “We just feel like the new logo will help us bring a new youthful enthusiasm and a new energy as we embark upon life after the pandemic and look at what we can do each and every day to best serve the needs of our students.”

The new logo is expected to help Warren County Public Schools enlighten students to work toward their futures for years to come.