WCPS distributes tornado relief boxes – more help on the way

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Warren County Public Schools has helped storm victims since the beginning of December’s destruction, and they’re still aiding their community now.

Wednesday was one of many days to come that they handed out donation boxes at the old Cumberland Trace Elementary School.

Director of Student Services Todd Hazel said, “Things that we have in here, we want our families to have…We’ve had folks in the community showing up as well.” 

People around the country donated these boxes of goods after the tornado. Thanks to everyone that helped, 412 cars drove away from the old school Wednesday with supplies.

“Our families have really struggled over the past month and a half,” Hazel said. “And there are [still] families in hotels or families staying with other family members. If we can assist them with just minor things like food and basic needs, that’s what we want to do.”

Volunteers included the schools, people around town, churches and even pageant queens. 

Ms. Elite Tennessee for Cosmos Karen Russell was there passing out supplies. She said, “I live here in Bowling Green and I also am a storm victim. So when I got hit by the storm, it really broke my heart that I wasn’t able to get out and immediately help people. So, I got all my sister queens, and I asked them to please donate. And we were able to get toys for the children. We were able to get food and tarps. And so every time the church would come to help me, I’d send donations right back out the door.”

Of course, those around the Creekwood area know firsthand how much this kind of help makes a difference.

Moss Middle School youth service center coordinator Lynn Vincent said, “A lot of our families live behind malls and the Creekwood area, so we had a lot of families that have lost everything. So, doing events like this has really helped them not have to worry about getting food or donations of any other kind. We’re here to just help do a one stop shop kind of thing for our families.”

Check the WCPS website for updates about next week’s distribution times and dates.