Warren County’s Parks & Rec hosts pickleball tournament

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. – It’s a game that all ages are enjoying and it’s hitting Warren county’s park gyms.

It’s called pickleball and it’s similar to tennis or badminton, so if it’s your first time picking it up, it’s fairly simple. You play with a paddle, almost like ping pong, and you strike a wiffleball so a hard swing is not required. When you factor in the court being smaller than a tennis court, it’s a lower impact sport.

Older individuals have great fun with the game, telling News 40 it’s been a great social plug for them after discovering the vast number of people around Warren county that are interested in playing. News 40 was also told it’s a good way to stay active. However, anyone will tell you pickleball has no age.

There’s a Facebook page with a current membership of 704 called Bowling Green Pickleball, used to communicate between players and set up games. But according to contestants of the first pickleball tournament hosted by Warren county’s Parks & Rec department, the community spans past that being that  several of them saying they don’t even use Facebook.