Warren County sirens being checked after malfunction

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Emergency officials are trying to figure out why outdoor emergency alert sirens did not go off during Friday’s tornado warning in Warren County.

According to a Friday night tweet from Warren County Emergency Management, the department was made aware that the community outdoor warning sirens, or COWS, did not activate.

Warren County director of emergency management, Ronnie Pearson said it was due to a technical malfunction.

Pearson said in case this should happen again people should have multiple other ways of receiving emergency storm alerts.

“You have those capabilities in most vehicles nowadays. Your phone receives multiple alerts from news media, the National Weather Service. If everyone could take time to make sure that everyone in their family has at least two if not three ways of being warned of an emergency,” Pearson said.

Warren County has 32 sirens in place, with a 33rd expected to be built in the Anna community in the next few weeks.