Warren County Sheriff’s Office hopes to decrease fatalities through safety checkpoints

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. – Since the beginning of 2019, there have been eight vehicle collisions in Warren County that have resulted in fatalities.

Of those collisions, more than half were the result of an impaired driver – whether that was alcohol, drugs or distracted driving.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is doing something to prevent further fatal collisions from occurring.

“We’ve had reports of impaired drivers or we’ve had other accidents,” said Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower. “We’re trying to target those specific areas.”

In an attempt to address both of those scenarios of dangerous driving, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office will soon be setting up road-side traffic safety checkpoints in the area.

“We just want to make people aware that they may be stopped by our office and be checked,” added Hightower.

Drivers will be checked for driver’s license, registration, seatbelt and, most importantly, whether or not they are driving under the influence.

“The end goal is we reduce traffic fatalities, traffic accidents and impaired drivers,” Hightower said.

These traffic safety checkpoints will be set up along two separate roadways in Warren County:

  • U.S. 68/Ky.80 between Carl Jordan Road and Hays Lodge Road
  • Ky. 101 between U.S. 68/Ky. 80 and the Warren County line

According to Hightower, these stretches of road were chosen because they’re the same areas when many of the fatal collisions have taken place.

“Although we put out some of the specific locations, that doesn’t mean it’s all the locations we’re going to be doing these throughout the county,” he said.

At this point, the sheriff’s office hasn’t decided what time of day and which days of the week the checkpoints will be set up.

However, Sheriff Hightower mentioned that the first checkpoint will be set up from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. July 19.

“We’re going to look at statistics and see what nights of the week we’ve had more fatalities than others and maybe try to target those specific evening time hours and those days of the week,” he said.

The sheriff’s office has received feedback from the community in relation to the amount of impaired drivers on Warren County roads, something this new initiative will hope to fix, increasing the safety on county roadways in the process.

“This is kind of also a result of how we’re trying to work with out community to create safer roadways for the whole county,” said Hightower.

Local volunteer firefighters will assist sheriff’s deputies in setting up the traffic checkpoints by ensuring that the proper signage and lighting are put in place.