Warren County Sheriff’s Office gets body cameras

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Warren County Sheriff’s Office has been working toward getting body cameras for their deputies for quite some time and now, the time has come and deputies will hit the street with cameras Tuesday.

The camera system chosen will be clipped to a deputies chest and will have an activator where they can start and stop recording.

The cameras will also automatically record and rewind up to 2 minutes in the past if a deputy pulls his gun out of its holster.

The camera systems are also set up to Geofence, meaning all deputies in close proximity will have their cameras sync up to one file where all of the footage will be saved.

That assists in compiling the files on the spot rather than having to go back and do so later.

Sheriff Brett Hightower says these cameras are not going to shoot every angle of everything and wants the public to be aware of that.

Hightower says on Tuesday, three deputies will take the cameras on a test run and within a few months, all deputies will have them.

Another interesting feature of the cameras, they will actually track if an officer is horizontal for more than 45 seconds and alert dispatch to the possible emergency.

The cameras also come with new dash cams as well.