Warren County schools receive mental health grant

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- A $9 million grant, one of four states and three Kentucky school districts equals more attention for mental health in Kentucky schools.

The Warren County Public School district is one of the districts to receive this grant which will be shared with Bullitt County and Henderson County.

Mental health professionals like Dr. David Kapley are taking notice of the grant.

“I think it’s wonderful that we have the opportunity to improve services in the county to children and teenagers to help see that they get the mental health treatment they deserve,” Kapley said.

Director of intervention for Warren County schools Christy Bryce said this grant is something that’s been needed, and that need has been increasing.

“We know how great the need is. Our mental health needs have grown significantly over the last few years here in Warren County and actually across the state and the nation,” Bryce said.

It’s not currently known how the schools or mental health professionals will use the grant money. Kapley said he thinks a good use for the grant would be to closely link mental health professionals with the school systems.

“I think what would be best would be a multi-disciplinary approach involving mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, counselors, social workers and also involving educators such as teachers and school counselors,” Kapley said

While the route that will be taken is not yet confirmed, Bryce says this grant is for sure a step in the right direction and supports what the school system has already been doing.

“Twenty-two percent of all students across the state, they live in poverty. Kentucky is the highest state in the nation for students that live with relatives outside of their parents. When you have these conditions such as parent incarceration, we know that the needs of our kids are great. Warren County has spent a lot of really committed dollars in the last few years to increase school safety. This will just contribute to all of the work we’ve already been doing,” Bryce said.