Warren County schools launches Little Learners Mobile Classroom

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- A green bus full of supplies and books for learning. This is the Little Learners Mobile Classroom.

The Warren County Public Schools District has recently unveiled this school on wheels to keep the minds of young students sharp, without them having to leave their neighborhoods. Preschool consultant of the Warren County Schools, Donna Williams, said getting that early education is crucial, and that the mobile classroom is a great way to make sure kids and families know the value of early education.

“We found that there were many families who did not choose to send their child to any kind of formal preschool setting. That’s the reason why we thought the bus would be important. To really go out and work with families. To give them the education to provide those early quality childhood experiences for their own children,” Williams said.

The primary subjects that are touched on are math and social studies. Preschool Parent Facilitator, Paige Hargett, said being a part of the Little Learners gets her excited to show kids the fun of learning.

“I was really excited to apply for the position. It made me think of me being a little kid watching the Magic School Bus and Miss Frizzle out with her students riding around, learning, and exploring,” Hargett said.

Hargett said a big role the bus plays are getting the students emotionally ready for the next step this August.

“The social, emotional aspect of getting ready for kindergarten is so important. We’re doing a second step lesson, that’s what Miss Donna is working on right now, and that is really important just learning to introduce yourself as you go into school, learning to take turns, staying in line, how to listen. those are so many things that we’re lacking, and that we hope to hit on as well,” Hargett said.