Warren County Schools keeping clean and safe with autonomous floor scrubbers

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-The Warren County School District is utilizing high tech devices to keep the learning environments as clean and sanitary as possible.

The district has 10 Liberty SC 50 autonomous floor scrubbers manufactured by Nilfisk. They’re programmed to run by themselves after being filled with cleaning solution. If they detect something in the way, they stop and work around the obstacle.

One of the major drawing points of these machines is that they help free up the staff to take care of other jobs in the school buildings and facilities. The warren county school district is the only school district in Kentucky to use this equipment.

District staff like director of facilities Mike Wilson say they love having these machines, as it adds yet another layer of safety and comfort when it comes to sanitation.

“It’s basically an extension of our custodial staff. Like many school districts across the nation, we’re short staffed in our custodial positions, bus driver positions, and cafeteria positions. This is really just an extension of the existing staff that we do have, and it makes sure that we have these buildings clean as best we can, making sure the floors get cleaned on a daily basis,” Wilson said.

The district emphasizes that these machines are not meant to replace any employees.