Warren County School District staff refresh Born Learning Trail

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Staff from a local school district spent Tuesday morning adding some color to a local organization.

Representatives from the Warren County Schools traveled to The Foundry to refresh the Born Learning Trail. The Warren County Schools partner with United Way to further enhance childhood education, which is done through trails like this.

Tuesday, the areas were repainted to add a more vibrant feel to the area.

This is part of United Way’s Day of Caring. A Born Learning Trail features a variety of games and activities for kids, encouraging the use of creativity and imagination.

Representatives from the school district say there’s no feeling like adding a splash of color to enhance the learning experience.

“We’ve been partnered United Way for a long time, and partners with the Foundry and providing early childhood education to preschool aged students. We were just happy to continue that partnership and to help students at the Foundry. This is an amazing trail. It’s so much to be able to provide for the children at the Foundry and to continue our partnership with early childhood education with them,” said Warren County School District communication coordinator Lauren Thurmond.

Wednesday, members of the school district will be at the Warren County Schools Synergy Center passing out food bags with fruit of the loom.