Warren County Regional Jail’s Digital Mail

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Warren County Regional Jail has a new way to send inmates letters.

Starting June 1st, all mail will be sent to an off-site scanning facility, where it will be digitally sent via a kiosk in the inmate’s cell.

That means any mail you would normally send, such as letters, pictures or drawings will now be sent to the address on your screen.

Anything that is not scannable will be returned, along with any packages or certified mail.

This policy aims to cut back on the amount of drugs entering the jail on paper.

“Also, it helps to decrease the amount of paper in the cell that can be a fire hazard inside the building. This is an option as we add tablets later in the year; they’ll be able to see it more readily… it’ll be readily accessible to them, and we won’t have all the paper inside the building,” Warren County Jailor Stephen Harmon says.

Any legal mail, magazines or money orders will continue to be sent to the jail’s physical address.

Harmon says people have found ways to soak drugs into paper, making them invisible to the human eye and he hopes this policy will limit that.