Warren County Regional Jail in need of additional nurses

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- There was an urgent plea from Warren County’s Jailer at Friday morning’s Fiscal Court meeting.

Stephen Harmon told magistrates that he needs more nurses to assist the hundreds of inmates at the Warren County Regional Jail.

Harmon said that due to overcrowding, nurses on staff can’t attend to the medical needs of inmates in a timely manner.

“If an inmate puts in a medical request to see a nurse, if it’s not an emergency, we want them to be seen within 48 hours,” said Harmon. “What we are getting right now, sometimes, is three, five or six days, sometimes, depending on population.”

Two nurses from the jail were at the meeting in support of Harmon.

Harmon told magistrates that adjusting schedules still doesn’t do enough.

To Harmon’s delight, magistrates voted unanimously to spend $75,000 to hire an additional nurse.

Harmon tells WNKY that an inmate’s safety and security is his staff’s top priority.

“This will help us get better in compliance with where we need to be on seeing them. Of course, if it’s an emergency, that’s dealt with immediately,” he said.

Harmon says the jail averages around 700 inmates.