Warren County man loses grandparents’ home to a fire

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – There has been a string of structural fires in Warren County lately, and on Wednesday morning, another abandoned building caught fire. An arson investigation is underway to see if foul play caused the flames.

Early Wednesday morning, a home in Warren County caught fire, just two days before Christmas.

The front of the house shows little damage, but the back was completely destroyed, according to Plano Fire Chief Kevin Bailey.

“The whole second story in the back was pretty well fully engulfed. Someone passing by saw it burning and who knows at that point how long it had even been on fire before anybody passing saw it. But, the back part of the structure was pretty well fully involved and gone before they even called it in,” said Bailey.

The fire occurred on Three Springs Road near Aviation Heritage Park.

The Plano, Alvaton, Browning and Woodburn Fire Departments responded to the fire.

With about 30 firefighters and 12 engines responding, it took firefighters three hours to put it out and clear the scene.

The owner of the home, Dale Miller, said his late grandparents used to live in the home, but it has not been occupied in last 15 years.

“When I was little, my grandmother kept me while my mother and father were at work so many many hours spent here in the home and in the back yard and rather sad to see the home go up in flames like this,” said Miller.

Miller was shocked by the news when he received a call early Wednesday morning.

“It’s rather scary. We got a call from the Bowling Green Police Department around 5:00 this morning, and they is frightening in itself, when the phone rings that early. So, we got here and very sad to see the home up in flames. We are thankful that no one lived here and that no one was hurt, thankfully, but still, very sad,” said Miller.

Some items inside the home on the ground floor may be salvaged, but the building won’t be.

The other two buildings on the property where unharmed.

For the homeowner, a sentimental stained-glass window was able to be saved.

Officials suspect the fire could have been electrical or an act of arson, but the official cause is still under investigation.