Warren Co. Jail getting new drug detection device

WARREN CO., Ky.-Warren County Regional Jail is taking a huge step to keep contraband out of their building. 

“I believe we’re the first detention center to have one,” said Warren County jailer Stephen Harmon. 

Harmon has been approved by Warren Fiscal Court to purchase a MX908 drug detection device. 

“A common person would think they’re in jail, how would they get drugs? And that’s what this device is designed for. Hopefully the smuggling of stuff will stop or at least deter 99% of it,” said Magistrate Ron Cummings. 

The $68,000 device finds any trace amount of drugs that comes in through mail. 

“Sometimes we have, about six or seven cases of investigations actually right now, where we suspect someone on the outside soaked paper in illegal narcotics and then mailed them into the facility,” said Harmon. 

An inmate can then ingest the drugs by sucking on, swallowing or smoking the paper. The mail is usually a personal letter or fraudulent legal mail. 

“Unfortunately, as an elected official, seeing stuff on the frontline, people who are craving drugs will do about anything to try to get the drug,” said Cummings. 

Drug use in jails can cause many problems, including addiction or fighting….but ultimately Harmon hopes this device saves lives of inmates for years to come. 

“You can’t put a price on what it would cost if we were to lose someone to an overdose. We’ve had some overdoses, we’ve not lost someone thankfully on behalf of swift action on behalf of the staff and the medical staff we were able to get them the attention they needed, but we’ve had some close calls,” said Harmon.