Warnell Family Pharmacy & Soda Shop opens in Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – In Edmonson County, a modern take on an old-school concept is now open to the public.

“So I’m from Edmonson County originally, and we wanted to come back and serve our community and do something special here. I’ve worked in the area for a while and came back earlier in the year after considering it for a while with much prayer, we decided that we wanted to open our own pharmacy and the soda shop was kind of born out of that,” Sam Warnell, owner and pharmacist at Warnell Family Pharmacy & Soda Shop, says.

Brownsville had a soda shop back in the day, but it was forced to close due to economic changes at the time. With places like Meltdown in Bowling Green becoming popular, it seems the soda shop is coming back to prominence.

“As a lot of people know, soda fountains were a big part of pharmacy history years ago. Almost every small community had a small independent pharmacy and a soda shop or a soda fountain that was connected to that. This was kind of a life hub of the communities in a lot of places,” Warnell says.

Sam and his staff are excited to serve the community with good food, great healthcare and a smile.

“It’s important that communities remember and understand just how important small local pharmacies are. It’s not just us. We’re blessed in that area that there’s a lot of small local pharmacies. These people that work behind the counter, they give their lives every day, their livelihoods that they can serve people and take care of them. It’s important that we keep them around,” Warnell says.

“I am from Edmonson County, I’ve worked in the county all of my life. These people are my people. It means everything to me to help them, make them comfortable, make them happy, make them smile and make them feel better,” Judy Wilson, Administrative Assistant at Warnell says.