Warren County clerk talks voting security


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Warren County clerk Lynette Yates talked to News 40 about voter security and uncertainty surrounding the mail-in ballots to help clear the air for those who might be skeptical about voting this year or sending in their vote via mail.

After the 2020 election, many things changed surrounding voting in order to make things safer and add more integrity.

Yates told News 40 in her interview, “All of our equipment has security cameras on it at our voter building, everything, from the time it’s there to where it’s delivered and then when it goes back. That was part of the legislation changes as well this year, that all of your voter equipment has to be under surveillance.”

Yates also said that “… a lot of people don’t want to trust the mail, because sometimes with our mail going to Nashville and coming back here, we have a drop box here in the office and that was something that changed by the voter laws as well back in 2020 as you had drop boxes and they have to be under constant surveillance as well.”

The drop box is only for absentee ballots, so those can be turned in early if you want. But there has also been an extensions to the list of reasons that may you want to vote early and still in person, something called “in person absentee voting.” In-person absentee voting is where you can fill out your ballot at the county clerk’s office and be done, doing away with mail or crowds and lines. Of course there is criteria for that as well.

Early voting starts Nov. 3 through Nov. 5, and in-person absentee voting is slated for Oct. 26 through Nov. 2. With all this information, Yates said the best thing to do is to head to your county clerk’s website.