Voters head to Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary for election

Today marks the beginning of the Kentucky primary elections.

From 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, the community has an opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

Throughout south central Kentucky, many schools, churches and organizations opened their doors as poll locations.

Earlier this morning, we visited Henry F. Moss Middle School as volunteers prepared polling machines and waited for voters.

At noon, we traveled to Parker Bennett Curry Elementary School where numbers of voters were alarmingly low in one precinct.

In the Delafield Precinct, around 30 of the 707 registered voters had actually cast their ballot.

We also spoke to one Election Officer Clerk, who tells us they nearly begged people to come out and volunteer at the polls.

Parker Bennett Curry Elementary School had three precincts represented for voters in the community.

We had a chance to speak to one of those voters, Richard Carson.

Not only was it Carson’s 71st birthday, but his first time voting after a hiatus of eight years.

He says in those eight years, he didn’t feel compelled by past candidates to vote for them.

But this year, he feels there are a few who he believes can make the impact the city needs.

Other locations for you to vote at include Bowling Green High School, Warren County Board of Education and Natcher Elementary to list a few.

If you’d like a list of all polling locations in Bowling Green, click here.