Veteran’s Club Inc. throws Resilience Ruck in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Leading up to Veteran’s Day, Veteran’s Club Inc. came down from Louisville to support Bowling Green veterans in a special way, with a parade and ruck.

Hundreds of participants carried out the 5k and 12k ruck, from high school students to veterans to prelude Veteran’s Day next week.

The founder and CEO of the Veteran’s Club, Jeremy Harrell, says in his organization they make sure to celebrate all November long in an effort to raise awareness for veteran struggles and rally support in their community.

Harrell said, “The biggest misconception is that if there isn’t an active war, there’s not a need in the veteran community. But the truth is, we leave the battlefield, but for many of us the battlefield doesn’t leave us mentally”.

A lot of planning went into the parade, and the veteran’s club had help from Mrs. Kentucky Erica Hildreth, the daughter and spouse of service members, who rallied a team together to bring it all home.

Hildreth, whose husband has served 12 tours, told us that she, along with other passionate individuals, “have a text thread a mile long” dedicated to the event that took around four months to fully flesh out.

This is the club’s third event in Bowling Green in six months.

Harrell says he is looking for permanency in Bowling Green, hoping to work with community leaders to extend the club into south central Kentucky.