Venus Evans of the Mi’kmaq nation and Aroostook band of Micmac speaks on social justice

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Those who attended a service at Unitarian Universalist Church Sunday morning heard from a special guest, one with a message of her mission.

Venus Evans came to speak at the service Sunday. She is a tribal member of the Mi’kmaq nation, and Aroostook band of Micmac, which is one of four federally recognized tribes of Maine. She is currently living in Corbin Kentucky.

While speaking, Evans hit on topics including social justice, education, missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, as well as the native 360 curriculum, which she’s pushing to get into the school systems in order to teach accurate American Indian history.

Evans spoke on her grandmother’s life, and for that reason, she was glad to be a speaker that morning to share her story.

“I can be a voice for my grandmother who didn’t have a voice when she was alive. That’s very important to me, so it was a great honor to be asked to come and participate. I believe that by sharing my story, it keeps us alive,” Evans said.

Evans is commissioner at large for the Kentucky Native American heritage commission, and president for Kentucky indigenous people.