Vaccines available at Kroger site and Sheldon’s pharmacy

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- There are now new COVID-19 vaccine appointments available at other locations in Bowling Green – the Kroger Health vaccination site at Greenwood Mall and Sheldon’s Pharmacy. 

The Greenwood Mall location gives out the two-dose Pfizer vaccine. 

Sheldon’s Pharmacy is currently giving out the Johnson & Johnson one dose vaccine. You can make an appointment at any of their four locations: Fairview Avenue, Buckhead Square, Franklin and South Glen Gables. Sheldon’s will also bring out the vaccine to your car if needed. 

“Here at Sheldon’s we strive for our community and we wanna give back to Bowling Green and the surrounding areas. To be able to provide this service is wonderful for us,” said pharmacist Daniel Emery. 

The vaccine is available to anyone 16 years of age or older. To make an appointment at Kroger click here. To make an appointment at Sheldon’s click here.