USDA: Turkey prices to be higher this Thanksgiving

turkey prices to go up
Source: CNN via CNN Newsource

(CNN) – Here’s something Americans won’t be thankful for this Thanksgiving: turkeys might be more expensive and harder to find.

In the case of cost, birds cost about 73 percent more per pound now than they did last Thanksgiving.

In dollars and cents, the USDA says that comes out to about $1.99 per pound compared to $1.15 last year.

That’s inflation for you.

It now costs farmers more to raise turkeys, but when it comes to availability – blame the bird flu.

It typically spreads during colder months, but farmers have been reporting a large number of cases since July.

And that’s when producers generally begin breeding for the holiday season.

However, experts say there’s a chance suppliers could add more turkeys to the market “at the last minute.”