USA TODAY honors National Corvette Museum

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-The National Corvette Museum, a Bowling Green icon which has caught the attention of USA Today that named the attraction the best for car lovers. Even first-time visitors of the museum are revved up about the news.

“I thought that was probably about right. I like cars myself, so coming here and seeing all the Corvettes is definitely very interesting to me,” said visitor Bennett Cross.

It was support from both longtime and new visitors that helped the museum get this recognition, shining a spotlight on the Bowling Green attraction.

“It just shows how many Corvette enthusiasts there are worldwide. We had all of our members and supporters voting for us every day for about four weeks. We’re very thankful to them for coming out and showing their support for the museum,” said director of marketing and communication and the National Corvette Museum Katie Ellison.

Keeping afloat during coronavirus closures is normally a tall order, but the museum found creative ways to use technology to keep the experience going. Now, visitors are able to enjoy the experience in person.

“We look to keep them engaged, and I think that’s really what helped us in this vote too. The people were there, standing with us and kept engaging, even though they couldn’t be here in person,” Ellison said.

While Bowling Green isn’t the world’s largest city, USA Today recognizes that to those who live the Corvette lifestyle, it’s more than a car.

“It’s just neat that they chose here in Kentucky. Not the biggest state out there, but they chose Bowling Green, Kentucky with the Corvette Museum, which is definitely inspiring to me. It’s pretty interesting to find out about all the things that they have here,” Cross said.