UPS workers practice picketing

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At the UPS Customer Center, UPS workers are practicing their picket line process as a strike could be upon us.

UPS workers unionized with Teamsters, have been negotiating with UPS as the union contract with the company comes to an end and are looking to change some things.

Among the complaints are part-time worker pay, which according to Eric Holeman, hasn’t gone up that much since 1997. Holeman participated in the last UPS strike in 1997 and said this year is much different considering the pandemic.

COVID-19 undoubtedly changed the world and the way commerce works especially. The global pandemic brought on an increase in e-commerce, with people staying home the only choice was to order things via the internet which would be delivered by people like UPS.

Due to this, UPS made record profits and reported 100 billion dollars in revenue for 2022. With extra stress on workers, speaking to labor union rep Avril Thompson, improved compensation and pension plans are a paramount concern as well as hazardous conditions with the job and management issues.

Thompson said the most recent negotiation was unacceptable to the union on July 5, and said the company reportedly offered their last offer which hints at a strike starting on August 1.