Update on vehicle property tax relief

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Earlier this week, Gov. Andy Beshear said the average vehicle value has increased by more than $3,000 because of inflation due to supply chain issues. In order to assist struggling Kentucky families, Gov. Beshear signed an executive order for vehicle property tax relief.

The Kentucky General Assembly passed a bill that allows the property valuation administer to use the 2021 value on your vehicle for the next two years if that value is lower.

The property valuation administer is currently working with the county clerk to reflect the lower value in the system, which will take until February 28.

If an individual’s vehicle property taxes are due in Bowling Green between now and the end of the month, a desk will be set up at the clerk’s office where they can get their values lowered or taken back to last year’s values, said Susan Oliver Lewis, Warren County Property Valuation Administrator.

They can then proceed in and pay for their property tax in order to renew their tags.

If someone has received their February and March property taxes, they should be aware those may not accurately reflect how much they owe. If the vehicle property taxes have already been paid, a refund will automatically be issued.